Colorado Office of Behavioral health
Opioid stigma campaign

One of the biggest barriers that keeps people who are addicted to opioids from getting help is stigma. Many people believe that the addiction is a choice, or that you won't get addicted if you follow a doctor's prescription. With the Lift the Label campaign, everyday people share their personal stories of addiction to help shatter these perspectives and lift the stereotypes associated with opioid addiction. Because when we defeat stigma, we can defeat the opioid epidemic. 

Stigma: The signs of opioid addiction are obvious

Austin, a Columbine High School shooting survivor shares his story of long term addiction. He emphasizes the struggle many Americans are faced with of trying to maintain a life in the midst of hiding the addiction. 

Stigma: I can't be anyone but an addict

Blair shares her experience of experiencing addiction at an early age and how that transgressed in her adulthood. She explains the struggles of treatment and relapses and how medically assisted treatment ultimately saved her. 


STIGMA: opioid addiction won't happen to me

Dana was very accomplished in life and never expected to find herself in the grasp of addiction after a simple surgery. She shares how quickly the drug changed her whole view on life and how hard it was to come back from it.

STigma: opioid addiction is a choice

Ozzie tells a story of how hard it is to deal with addiction and more importantly, treatment. He spent years battling his addiction and treatment wasn't working until he reached rock bottom. He learned that he had to trust the treatment center personnel in order to find recovery.

Campaign launch

The Lift the Label campaign has been picked up by the news since it's launch at the Civic Center Park in Denver, Colorado, where we displayed a wall filled with opioid bottles. Each bottle containing a stigma label that many suffering from opioid addiction are faced with. 

Creative Director: Eric Hines
Copywriter: Cecil Bozard