City of Denver: Marijuana Education for Teens


Weeded Out: Denver's first game show
about Marijuana

Working off of the statistic that 74% of teens are not smoking marijuana, we created a game show to normalize conversation about weed with kids to help prove that not everyone is doing it. Denver teens battled against each other in the trivia-based show to be crowned the Heavyweight Champion of Weeded Out Wisdom, and the grand prize winner of $3,000.


To find our contestants, we created a series of videos with marijuana related questions. Each video led to the website where kids could sign up to audition.

Social Videos

After the filming of Weeded Out, we made several short videos to play on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. To deliver our message in an entertaining way, we featured a marijuana trivia question and answer with a reaction from the live show. The results were impressive as Denver high school students sought out the videos to see their friends and people from their school competing for the champion title.


Senior Copywriter: Cecil Bozard
Rachel Edwards
Daniel Alfonzo